The infamous jet-setter Ghislaine Maxwell is still imprisoned in New York. She is involved in the Epstein case in which she is, among other things, charged with sex trafficking of minors. The British socialite will hear her final sentence on June 28, 2022. The worst stories and anecdotes about Ghislaine Maxwell are relayed by the media. Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, hates Lady Di and had an unparalleled hatred for her according to a documentary broadcast by the BBC. The former girlfriend of businessman and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who ended her life in prison, is a regular at Buckingham Palace.

“Lady Di’s childhood friend is none other than Prince Andrew, with whom she played as a child, particularly in the large gardens of the lands of Windsor” specifies Télé-Loisir. Prince Andrew, 62, is a very close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. In addition, the youngest and favorite son of Queen Elizabeth II of England, 95, was also involved in the Epstein case. The Duke of York was also accused of sexual assault three times by Virginia Giuffre when the latter was only 17 years old. Thanks to her special relationship with Prince Charles’ brother, 73, Epstein’s former girlfriend and tout frequented Buckingham Palace and other royal residences.

Ghislaine Maxwell made Lady Di cry and boasted about it

Ghislaine Maxwell crossed paths with Prince Charles’ then-wife Princess Diana several times. She took malicious pleasure in intimidating him and rejoiced at having made him cry. Maria Farmer, one of many former young sex slaves of Epstein gave her testimony in the documentary broadcast on the BBC. Maria Farmer claimed that Epstein’s ex-girlfriend did everything to intimidate Princess Diana and that she had no equal in getting her to cry, according to Télé-Loisir. Maria Farmer says the British socialite was one to say, “Look there, we were making her (Diana) cry, how funny is that! We all loved hating Diana.”

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