Tom Cruise is a household name in the British royal family. After all, the relationship between the two is quite long and deep, according to Gala. Moreover, the actor counts Prince William among his fans. Lately, the Hollywood star has been talked about by organizing a private screening of the film Top Gun: Maverick for William and Kate, on March 31, in London. An action that some could call brilliant in terms of promotion. Note that the Duke of Cambridge and Tom Cruise have already met in the mid-90s. The Duke is a fan of the actor’s stunts.

It was Princess Diana who took the initiative to visit the actor with Princes William and Harry. This during the filming of the film Mission: Impossible in the studios of Pinewood. Studios located just 30 kilometers from Kensington Palace. Moreover, this initiative had a very specific objective, according to Darren McGrady, chef of the Princess of Wales. Note that at the time, Lady Di was separated from Prince Charles and was visibly looking for comfort.

Princess Diana: “Another one to cross off the list. He is too small”

Recall that in 1985, the Princess of Wales danced with John Travolta at the White House. She would also have had a brief history with Kevin Costner who would have even offered her to shoot in the Bodyguard sequel. Only, his face to face with Tom Cruise obviously did not go well, still according to Gala. The royal was disappointed with the actor and it has nothing to do with Tom Cruise being married to Nicole Kidman at the time.

It was the day after her visit to the Pinewood studio that the princess would have confided to her chef: “Another one that must be crossed off the list. It is too small”. Suffice to say, the princess was particularly proud of her 1m78 and her measurements worthy of a model. Good or bad thing ? This comment never reached the ears of Tom Cruise who measures 1m70.


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