In 1992, Prince Charles and Princess Diana decided to end their relationship.
The divorce of the Princess of Wales and Prince Charles has been as tumultuous as their relationship.
Among the details of the divorce with Prince Charles, there was a tidy sum for Lady Di.

Remember that Princess Diana would have been 61 years old on July 1st. Lady Di and Prince Charles, 73, decided to end their relationship in 1992, after 11 years of marriage. It is only 4 years later that the mythical couple will officially divorce. The divorce of the Princess of Wales and Prince Charles has been as tumultuous as their relationship. It was in an unforgettable interview with the BBC that the mother of princes William and Harry had dropped a bomb. “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” Lady Di said during the interview. Words surely referring to the affair between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, 74 years old.

The divorce between Lady Di and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales was lengthy because of the terms which took time to work out. A divorce which was synonymous with freedom for the Princess of Wales. Indeed, Lady Di has always struggled with royal conventions and protocols. Among the details of the divorce, there was a tidy sum for Lady Di.

Lady Di: Princess Diana had many financial privileges after her divorce from Charles

It was only natural that the Princess of Wales, Lady Di, did not leave empty-handed after her divorce from Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. Moreover, after the negotiations, Lady Di was able to receive 17.5 million pounds. Added to this, the mother of Princes William and Harry was able to continue living in her apartment at Kensington Palace. Princess Diana also had the right to receive guests in the apartments of St. James’s Palace if she so desired. In the list of her privileges, Lady Di also received permission to continue to use the private jets of the royal family.

In the agreement reached in the context of her divorce from Charles, Princess Diana had also benefited from 500,000 pounds for “the management of her private offices”. Unsurprisingly, Lady Di also obtained joint custody of the children. Princess Diana also has to keep her title of Princess of Wales. Only, the title of His Royal Highness was taken away from him. Note that this title is specific to official members of the royal family.

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