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Lady Di: this anguish for her sons William and Harry after her sulphurous confessions interview

Separated for three years from Prince Charles, Lady Diana decided to give herself up without restraint in front of the Panorama cameras in November 1995. A long interview conducted by journalist Martin Bashir at Kensington Palace, and broadcast on the antenna of the BBC. But if the Princess of Hearts had agreed to lift the veil on her life within the monarchy, it was not without a thought for her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Recently guest on the British TV show Good Morning Britain, quoted by the tabloid The Mirror, her former butler Paul Burrell revealed that the late princess was worried that her sons would be embarrassed by her confessions interview.

“The recording was on her terms, she said what she wanted to say,” Paul Burrell testified, “but, on hearing it, she told me she was worried about talking about her love life, of James Hewitt and what the boys would think. ” Indeed, facing Martin Bashir, Lady Diana did not hesitate to reveal her affair with the military in broad daylight, but also that of her ex-husband Prince Charles with Camilla Parker Bowles – which he has also finished by getting married for a second time in 2005. “No child wants to hear about their parents’ infidelity, it’s the same all over the world. She was worried that boys would be embarrassed by it.”

Prince Harry the target of rumors

It must be said that the confidences of Diana Spencer shook the monarchy, pushing Her Majesty Elizabeth II to encourage her eldest son to ask him for a divorce. But not only. Indeed, for his part, Prince Harry has been the target of rumors claiming that he is, in reality, the son of James Hewitt and not of Prince Charles. But if Lady Diana was worried about plunging her sons into embarrassment, she ignored the repercussions that her shock interview would have on her relations with the Windsor-Mountbatten clan, whom she would have copiously insulted in her interview and with whom. tensions had reached their peak.

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