Lady Di: the heartbreaking revelations of her former butler on a phone call from the princess

Heartbreaking revelations have been made by Paul Burrell, the Princess of Wales’ ex-butler. He says Princess Diana was upset after a phone call. This is the call between the princess and BBC reporter Martin Bashir. The latter would have called the princess to urge her to give details about her boyfriends. According to Paul Burrell, the princess said she felt betrayed. The butler also confesses that the princess was in tears after reviewing the conversation.

Journalist Martin Bashir was blamed for this explosive Panorama interview in 1995. An official report claims he used deceptive methods to obtain this interview. Burell spoke to The Sun on Sunday on the subject. “Martin was very disrespectful, it was all ‘she’ this and ‘she’ that. He was asking where she was and if she was still out with one of her boyfriends,” he said.

“Bashir had acted inappropriately and in serious violation of BBC guidelines”

Burell also confides that Bashir spoke of Princess Diana as if she was fickle. Yet he did not deign to respond to the calls of the Princess of Wales. Earlier this month, a report on that 1995 interview concluded that “Bashir acted inappropriately and in serious violation of BBC guidelines.”

The BBC has investigated allegations by Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer. He claims to have been deceived by Mr. Bashir. This investigation was led by former judge John Dyson.


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