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Lady Di: the doubts she had after her shocking BBC interview

It’s an interview that could never have happened. Before the broadcast of her open-hearted confidences to journalist Martin Bashir on the BBC Panorama program, Lady Diana had some doubts, fearing that her confession interview was a “terrible mistake”, according to information from this Saturday, November 28 from the British tabloid The Mirror. The day before this historic interview, the Princess of Hearts had contacted her astrologer and great friend Debbie Frank who now says that the deceased had called him to share her last-minute doubts.

“She called me the day before the broadcast and said, ‘I did a great thing and I hope it’s the right thing,'” Debbie Frank said in an interview with Sunday People. cited by our colleagues from across the Channel. Because, at the time of the facts, Lady Diana had managed to rise to the rank of icon, enjoying a great popularity and being the object of an equally important admiration on the part of the public. “She looked quite panting (…) She was worried that the audience would turn on her and say the wrong thing. She had advice from a few people but was no longer sure it was there. good thing to do. ” Faced with her friend’s speech, Debbie Frank did not hide from her that she had taken a risk – of which she was certainly aware since she did not leak any information about this interview – adding, however, that her choice was understandable.

Lady Diana manipulated?

But, against all expectations of Lady Diana, the interview had a positive impact on the British public. Shortly after Panorama aired, the late mother of Prince William and Prince Harry was no doubt relieved to learn that her confidences about her marriage to Prince Charles or their infidelities had only been beneficial for her popularity rating. . But by removing the mask, Diana Spencer had put the royal family of England, the latter particularly keen to keep its head high in front of the public, even in the event of a crisis.

For Debbie Frank, Lady Diana would have been, neither more nor less, manipulated by Martin Bashir. “He exploited Diana like other men exploited her in his lifetime. Diana liked Bashir. She felt he was a new face from the outside, but she let him manipulate her.” According to her, there is no doubt that Martin Bashir “went after someone who was in an extremely vulnerable state.” The interview resulted in the divorce of Lady Diana and Prince Charles, pronounced on August 28, 1996 after being ordained on the spot by Her Majesty Elizabeth II.

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