Lady Di: Judge’s damning conclusions on explosive BBC interview

Martin Bashir will take it for his rank. In 1995, Lady Diana caused a real earthquake in the royal family by giving the BBC an explosive interview. Threesome with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, long-time infidelity of her husband, criticism of the Windsor … hardly anyone was spared during this interview, which even caused the end of her marriage to the crown prince. But if during this interview the mother of princes William and Harry seemed sure of herself, according to several of her relatives, including her brother Charles, she would have been manipulated by Martin Bashir, the journalist who conducted the interview.

If several months ago the London Metropolitan Police announced that it would not open for this criminal investigation case, the BBC has decided to conduct its internal investigation to determine whether or not its reporter had indeed used unscrupulous methods of making Lady Diana say things that she would never have confessed on her own. And the conclusions drawn by Judge Lord Dyson are damning against Martin Bashir, reports The Telegraph. Indeed, it was concluded that the journalist had violated the directives of the BBC by obtaining his interview, and that he had in particular manipulated the Princess of Wales by making her believe that the nanny of his sons had been mandated by Prince Charles to spy on her, and that MI5 had bugged her.

Martin Bashir has resigned from the BBC

In a list of eight pages, the judge in charge of the internal investigation revealed in particular that Martin Bashir had lied several times to Lady Diana to obtain his confidences, in particular with false documents which he threatened to reveal to the general public, as a forged document “proving” that William and Harry’s nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, would have undergone an abortion after having had sex with Prince Charles, or again false account statements on payments made by the tabloids to his relatives to disclose information about him. Overwhelming evidence against the journalist, who resigned several days ago from his post in the religion service, and left the public channel for health reasons.


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