In 1991, ten years after her marriage to Charles, Lady Diana made a series of recordings for biographer Andrew Morton, where she revealed the problems of their relationship, from her feeling of betrayal to her suicide attempts. This Saturday, August 27, the British daily The Mirror returns to a terrible event: the very first suicide attempt of the Princess of Wales, in 1982, while she was pregnant with Prince William.

At the time, Lady Di, then still Diana Spencer by her maiden name, spent most of the time alone in the royal palace and suffered from isolation. Her husband, Prince Charles, is sorely lacking in attention, the shadow of Camilla Parker-Bowles hangs over their union. In the head of young Diana Spencer, two feelings dominate: “torment and anguish”, quotes The Mirror. At the foot of the wall, the young princess then commits the unthinkable.

Lady Di: “I threw myself down the stairs to get my husband’s attention”

“I was four months pregnant when I threw myself down the stairs to get my husband’s attention, to get him to listen to me,” she said in the recordings. I told her that I was depressed and was just crying. But he told me I was crying wolf and he wouldn’t listen to me.”

Prince Charles, tired of Lady Di’s behavior, sets off to ride a horse. It’s too much for the princess who throws herself down the stairs of the palace. “The Queen came out, horrified, shaking. She was so scared,” she told Andrew Morton. And to add: “I knew that I was not going to lose the baby, even if I had lots of bruises around my stomach. When he came back, he acted as if nothing had happened. There was nothing had no reaction from him.” There will be none during the fifteen years that their marriage will have lasted. The rest, we know.

Lady Di: how she threw herself pregnant down the stairs before being picked up by the horrified Queen

Queen Elisabeth II with Princess Lady Diana © Agency / Bestimage


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