Lady Di: her brother Charles Spencer tells the dark truth behind a famous snapshot of their teenage years

This is a sepia photo, where Diana is seen alongside her brother, Charles Spencer. William and Harry’s mother has her arms crossed, looking annoyed as her younger brother keeps a face of marble. Charles Spencer came across this rare cliché that was circulating on the web. He then grabbed his Twitter account to re-share the post of a user who commented on the photo as follows: “That day when Diana and her brother seemed to pose for the cover of a Smiths album. cool.”

The brother of the Princess of Hearts explained the circumstances in which the photo was taken. This photo dates from the end of 1980, Diana had just met Prince Charles, Charles Spencer, he was only 16 years old. Diana had joined her little brother to share a moment with him. “Thank you for passing this on: it was late 1980, I was 16 and my sister was picking me up from Eaton High School for lunch at Hind’s Head Bray restaurant,” he begins before explaining why the two young people have such a closed face, his Mini Metro was followed by twelve cars and a tabloid journalist’s motorcycle. Enough to make any teenager as dismissive as Morrissey, frankly, “he said, referring to the newspaper. lead singer of the Smiths.

Lady Di targeted by the tabloids and tabloids all her life

Sadly, until the tragic end of her life, Lady Di was the target of the tabloids and tabloids. Since her sister’s death, Charles Spencer strives to honor her memory, “I believe that it is my duty to defend her when I can. She for example left me as a guardian of her sons, so I feel that a trust has been passed on. And we have grown together, you know that if you grow up with it. someone, it’s always that person, no matter what happens to him later. So yes, I feel that I have a role to play to honor his memory, “he explained on the set of Love Your Weekend .


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