Lady Di: between Meghan and Kate, which of her daughters-in-law would have preferred?

If the British chose the camp of Kate Middleton, revolted to see Meghan Markle turn her back on the monarchy which is so dear to them, what would have been of Lady Diana? While she loved her sons, Princes Harry and William, without favoritism, and her 60th birthday was recently celebrated, would she have done the same with her daughters-in-law? His biographer, Andrew Morton – a fairly reliable source, therefore – gave his opinion in the columns of Here magazine. For him, there is no doubt: the late Princess of Wales would have felt more comfortable with the Duchess of Cambridge.

“She would have been taken aback as soon as she met Meghan, a force of nature capable of speaking with passion and precision, all without notes. She would have found her both mesmerizing and intimidating,” said Andrew Morton. And if Lady Diana would have been closer to Kate Middleton, it is in particular because of a shared shyness. Because, before becoming the future experienced queen who amazes the whole world, Prince William’s wife was a timid young woman who took a long time to find her marks. “Diana desperately wanted to be talked about more for her speeches than for her dress style, she even took classes to learn how to speak in public”, recalled the biographer of the princess of hearts. “She would have had more sympathy for Catherine, her shyness on stage in her early days would have reminded her of her own struggles in front of a raving crowd.”

What do Diana, Kate and Meghan have in common?

But there is no doubt that the love that Lady Diana would have brought to her two daughters-in-law would have been of equal size. Because, if they are leading figures of the monarchy, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have one thing in common despite their differences: their taste for humanitarianism. While the Duchess of Sussex is committed against racism, for the protection of the environment and feminism, her counterpart in Cambridge, she fights against the taboo around mental disorders and engages with children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle © Agency

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