Prince Charles, Lady Di and Camilla Parker Bowles were a love trio whose stories and rumors fuel the media. Princess Diana was still fixated on Camilla. Long before her marriage on July 29, 1981, Lady Di was already preoccupied with Camilla and Charles’ bond. Julie Montagu, a royal commentator made revelations to the US Weekly on Tuesday, October 12. She said the fixation was always on Lady Diana’s mind. However, she suspects that the fixation actually started on the wedding day.

According to Montagu’s statement, Princess Diana was scanning the crowd for Camilla. “The fixation started on the wedding day because we know Diana watched the huge congregation with thousands of people …” she says. “And she saw [Camilla], she looked for it and, in a way, she looked at her and said, ‘Well, he’s mine. I’ve got him,'” she continues. Montagu interprets this scene as a search for comfort on the part of Diana. “She wanted to make sure to spot Camilla in this assembly to feel comforted that she is with the vicar and that Camilla is on a bench,” she said.

Camilla Parker Bowles had always been in Lady Di’s wake

Camilla Parker Bowles was always on Lady Diana’s mind, but she’s not the only one. Although married to her, Prince Charles had not yet really drawn the line on Camilla. In this case, we can talk about these cufflinks discovered by Lady Di during her honeymoon. The princess alludes to it in her book In her own words. Prince Charles has reportedly confirmed that it was a gift from Camilla that he kept. But throughout Princess Diana’s married life, Camilla was often part of the picture. According to Montagu, “Camilla was always in this circle at the same parties since the whole, the very beginning of their marriage until obviously until the end of their marriage”.

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