This Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Lady Amelia Spencer gave an interview to Point de Vue magazine, with her fiancé Greg Mallett. The daughter of Charles Spencer and Victoria Aitken gave herself in all sincerity on the marriage proposal of her lover, who has shared his life for already eleven years, on his passions, his move to London, his twin Eliza, but not only. The 28-year-old has indeed revealed one of her character traits, which she says comes directly from Lady Diana, her aunt.

“I have the impression of being of a rather empathetic nature and that I inherited this quality from her,” explains Louis and Kitty’s sister to our colleagues, who has embarked on modeling. However, she was unfortunately only 5 years old when Harry and William’s mother took her last breath on August 31, 1997. Not enough to prevent her from highlighting the iconic personality of the former Princess of Wales. “I know she touched the hearts and the lives of many people,” says Lady Amelia Spencer, who also remembers “the last time she saw her”.

A niece in awe of her aunt

“It was when she came to live in Cape Town for a few months with us. One memory in particular stuck in my mind. We were all running and playing on Noordhoek beach, a beautiful beach. We lived there. a wonderful day and I really enjoyed the time she spent with us. It was the last time I saw her, but she definitely lives in all of us “, specifies the future bride (whose ‘union should not take place until the summer of 2022, because of the Covid-19). With admiration, Lady Amelia Spencer declares: “Diana was an incredible icon”.

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