Lady Amelia Spencer soon to be married: who is the future husband of Diana’s niece, Greg Mallett?

She said yes’ ! On July 22, 2020, Greg Mallett asked for Lady Amelia Spencer’s hand, after eleven years of love. If the young woman of 28 years is known to the general public to be the niece of Lady Diana and the cousin of princes William and Harry, her companion is more discreet. Nephew of former South African rugby coach Nick Mallett, the youngster met Lady Amelia Spencer at the University of Cape Town. At 30, Greg Mallett is now a real estate agent in South Africa. While the latter proposed in marriage the pretty blonde, there is little time, Charles Spencer did not fail to reveal what he thought of his future son-in-law: “I am so happy that my daughter, Amelia is engaged with his mate Greg. It’s amazing to hear them both being so excited about their future. I send them my love and wish them to have a great life together. ”

If Lady Diana’s brother loves Greg Mallett so much, it is especially because he respects his daughter, and has asked his whole family for her hand! Madly in love with his beautiful, it was during an interview with Point de Vue that the young man revealed the details of his marriage proposal: “I had planned everything down to the smallest detail. went to spend a few days at Clouds Estate – an estate in the mountains, an hour from Cape Town. After a romantic day, I dragged Amelia to our room, where I had had rose petals and champagne placed. offered a large pink box, inside which I had placed eight more boxes, smaller and smaller. In each was a photo of a ‘first time’ with an inscription: ‘I remember from the first time we went abroad ‘,’ I remember our first dance ‘etc. The last box had a note that said:’ But above all, I know you will remember tonight as where I made my request. ‘ As Amelia read the word, I knelt with the ring. ”

“I always knew I wanted to marry Amelia”

If Greg Mallett waited more than ten years before proposing to Lady Amelia Spencer, he always knew that she was the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. During that same interview, he indeed revealed, “I always knew I wanted to marry Amelia. It was an easy decision. One of the first things I liked about her was her humor, she’s so funny. I remember laughing and laughing the first time we met. I love not only her sheer beauty, but also her compassion, kindness and caring for others. ”

Greg Mallett and Lady Amelia Spencer © Instagram

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