It’s not too soon ! After nine months spent away from her fiancé, Kylie Minogue was finally able to find Paul Solomons. Last December, the singer left England to return to her native Australia. But because of the coronavirus pandemic and the various lockdowns, she had not been allowed to leave it. Until this month of September, when she was able to do the opposite trip and land in the United Kingdom where her future husband was patiently waiting for her. “Kylie had a great time in Australia but never intended to stay that long, especially since it meant spending time away from Paul,” a relative told The Sun. This led her to wondering if she was considering her future there or in the UK. Her parents and sister Danii are there. Likewise, she has her boyfriend, her friends and her career in UK and feels like she will be able to travel much more easily. “

While waiting to know if she wants to settle in Australia or stay in England, where she has lived for many years, Kylie Minogue was able to find Paul Salomons but also the music studios to get back to work. And the couple will be able to prepare their future union with confidence. After two years of relationship, the two lovers decided to take the plunge last February. While speculation was rife, the singer’s future mother-in-law confirmed the information to the Daily Mail, saying she was “delighted and excited” by the future marriage of her son. “He’s so sweet. He’s such a good support. We’ve both been through enough in our lives and we met at the right time, so it’s adorable,” Kylie Minogue told TV, on a little cloud since his meeting with Paul Solomons through a mutual friend.

Kylie Minogue, completely crazy about her future husband

The singer was then just separated from her previous fiancé, Joshua Sasse. While his sweetheart was thousands of kilometers away, Paul Solomons made a drastic change in his career since he left the post he had held for many years. A graphic design graduate, Kylie Minogue’s future husband is a media mogul, who until then was artistic director of the UK version of GQ magazine. Paul Solomons won the title of designer of the year in 2015 at the Digital Magazine Awards. Previously, Kylie Minogue’s fiance worked at Marie Claire and set up his own business Paul Solomons Design LTD. In the columns of People, Kylie Minogue declared her love. “In a nutshell, he’s a great guy. He’s so caring,” said the singer. “He has an incredible sense of humor, he has his own life and his own career going on. environment.”

Kylie Minogue and Paul Solomons © Backgrid USA

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