Kylie Jenner at the heart of a new controversy because of an Instagram caption

At only 23 years old, Kylie Jenner is an essential influencer on Instagram. The young woman has more than 180 million subscribers, if only on this social network. Very close to her community which includes thousands of fans, the young mother of a family has a habit of sharing snippets of her daily life, and also uses the platform to promote her skincare and cosmetic ranges. Only on Monday, August 17, there is a photo that has not been seen by Internet users …

Kylie Jenner grabbed her cell phone, shared a rare photo of her without makeup, then her outfit of the day. Nothing shocking so far. The influencer and businesswoman took the pose, wearing a patterned bodycon jumpsuit, low-cut at the back and openwork on the sides, signed Matte. Again, it was not his outfit that caused a controversy, but the legend of the publication. In the caption of her post, Kylie Jenner wrote: “brown eyed girl”, in other words “girl with brown eyes”.

A modified legend?

Only according to one Internet user, the young half-sister of Kim Kardashian would have actually written “brown skinned girl”, in other words “girl with brown skin”, before changing her caption. On Twitter, a user by the name of @staliminaj allegedly took screenshots of the supposedly former legend of Kylie Jenner. Immediately, his followers stepped up to the plate. While some strongly criticized and lynched the young woman for cultural appropriation, others on the contrary defended her and shouted a false scandal.

Kylie Jenner defends herself firmly

On Instagram, the account “theshaderoom” shared a montage with supposedly the previous and the new legend of Kylie Jenner. Immediately, she defended herself directly with her own account, commenting: “It’s photoshop. I never said that. Have a good day”.

Sources close to Kylie Jenner confided in TMZ, and made it clear that the young woman has never changed her legend. “We were told that the caption has always been ‘girl with brown eyes’, and that the other image that is around the web is simply an altered image launched by trolls,” wrote the tabloid, before specifying that Kylie Jenner and her camp are “firm” in their statements.

Kylie Jenner © Instagram / Kylie Jenner

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