These are dresses that make a lot of talk. So much so that the animal rights association Peta denounced the use of fake life-size animal heads on Schiaparelli dresses. Indeed, top models Naomi Campbell, Irina Shayk and Kylie Jenner proudly wore three dresses from the haute couture house. For the first, a wolf’s head was integrated into her coat, at shoulder level, the second wore a lion’s head that concealed her entire upper body while Kim Kardashian’s sister was dressed in a dress with a lion’s head at chest level.

Naomi Campbell at today’s Schiaparelli show in Paris. #GABBY

— Paulette Kimuntu Kim (@KimKimuntu) January 23, 2023

Luxury clothes that send a very negative signal according to the Peta association: “Schiaparelli’s assertion that ‘no animal was harmed during the production of this collection is objectively false’, criticizes the association in a communicated. The foundation criticizes in particular that these dresses “glorify the hunt for trophies” and denounces the use of silk and wool, materials for which “silkworms have been scalded alive and sheep have been exploited for their fleeces”. Heavy criticism which also blames the three top models, who proudly wear their dress with the heads of animals.

The haute couture house responds

On the side of the haute couture house, Daniel Roseberry, American artistic director of the house with a surreal aesthetic, explained in the notes of the parade that these creations of faux taxidermy from resin and other artificial materials embodied the “circles of Dante’s Inferno”: “The leopard, lion and wolf represent lust, pride and avarice respectively”, he said. Not enough to convince animal defenders who find the idea completely abject.

Kylie Jenner and Naomi Campbell in turmoil: their dresses with animal heads shock internet users

Kylie Jenner © Moreau-Perusseau

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