His extortion attempt sent him straight to jail. A 48-year-old man has just been sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment under an electronic bracelet and a fine of 2,000 euros after seeing his plan completely fail. The latter was found guilty of forgery and use of forgery after impersonating Wilfried Mbappé, the father of 2018 world champion and Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappé.

This resident of Seine-et-Marne contacted the prefecture of Yvelines on several occasions between December and January 2023, presenting himself as the father of the young football star in order to request the exceptional regularization of the residence permit of a Algerian couple. But on the other end of the phone, the police officer didn’t believe his story and so demanded a written document proving his identity.

The usurper of Wilfried Mbappé received a prison sentence and a heavy fine

But the latter did not stop there: making a letter with the PSG logo, he made the request by signing Wilfried Mbappé. But the mail, littered with spelling mistakes, ended up confirming the instinct of the police, who managed to find him in order to place him in custody. The culprit immediately admitted the facts.

“I did this to help people in difficulty who couldn’t get an appointment at the prefecture. It was an error of judgment on my part to have sent this letter, I face the consequences. Maybe my heart is bigger than my head,” he said. But in front of his heavy criminal record, the judge’s sentence was not lenient.

Kylian Mbappé: a man pretends to be his father for a sad reason

Kylian Mbappe © JB Autissier

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