Kyle Walker: this low revenge that his ex-girlfriend Annie Kilner had fomented

Will the Three Lions reach the semi-finals of Euro 2020? This Saturday July 3, the England team will face that of Ukraine from 9 p.m. A moment they are impatiently waiting for. In particular Kyle Walker, the defender of Manchester City. In recent months, the footballer has been talked about as much in the football sections of magazines as in celebrity reviews. And for good reason, his ex-partner has reserved a little revenge for him that panicked the tabloids. In 2020, while Kyle Walker’s new girlfriend was expecting their first joint child, Annie Kilner took pleasure in revealing the sex of the baby on Instagram to annoy future parents. “FYI … He’s a boy,” she wrote on her network then added: “A man who disrespects a loyal woman deserves a heartless pickaxe.”

And this revenge did not please the current companion of Kyle Walker at all. “It’s bullying. I just had a child and I have to take care of this on a Sunday morning, Lauryn Goodman said annoyed. I have said it several times: I have never been friends with her. and she uses my name in the press to gain sympathy around a relationship that ended before our baby’s conception was shocking. ” A few days later, the footballer became a father for the fourth time … to a little boy named Kairo. “I want to introduce you all to my Miracle Baby, the happy mom wrote. (…) I find myself staring in awe, thinking that I made this special little human. You are the best thing I ever have. arrival. Words cannot describe the love I already feel for you. “

Why did Kyle Walker cause a scandal?

Just before Euro football, Kyle Walker caused a wave of indignation on social networks. The reason ? He shared a pair of crampons on which he had the first name and date of birth of three of his children, born from his union with Annie Kilner, engraved. No trace of her youngest child so … “Puma, you tolerate Kyle Walker forgetting her 13 month old baby by omitting Kairo Walker, it’s mentally damaging at a time when mental health is important, the mom annoyed. baby. (…) Kids are supposed to admire a brand. You’ve been inundated with complaints that so many people have shown me on DM. I can see them all but you just sit there thinking this is all going to go away? I will fight for my little boy. I will not let his father get away with such behavior. ” What an atmosphere …

Kyle Walker © Zuma Press

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