Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson currently lives in New York City. While his partner, Kim Kardashian, lives in Calabasas, California, the comedian would think more and more seriously about moving. Since the young man left his manager, fans have been convinced that Kris Jenner could work alongside him. In her podcast, YouTuber Morgan Paige hinted that she had proof that such a deal was about to go public. “Kris Jenner could handle a new famous client. When I tell you, I’m all over it!”, She let go. After her guest claimed that Pete Davidson was the star in question, the young woman added, “Our sources say he will be joining Kris Jenner.” However, US Weekly denied this rumor and assured that the famous momager was content to give advice on his career to the young man.

If Travis Barker, who has just married Kourtney Kardashian, appears in the new emission The Kardashians, on Hulu, this is not the case of Pete Davidson. Despite everything, Kim Kardashian regularly talks about her new companion on the show. While the businesswoman would like him to appear there, a source revealed to Hollywood Life: “Kim knows that Pete isn’t entirely okay with appearing in season two and she also knows what people tell him. say about it. Kim leaves that decision to Pete and continues to take the same position on it; she’s not going to try to persuade him anyway.”

Why did Kris Jenner have second thoughts about Pete Davidson?

If the famous momager gets along wonderfully with the companion of her daughter, Kim, she has not always been a big fan of the couple. Indeed, the age difference of the duo questioned him. A source told Hollywood Life, “Kris knows Pete has only good intentions for Kim, but she wasn’t completely convinced he could stick it out for the long haul.” While Corey Gamble is 25 years younger than Kris Jenner, the source added, “For her and Corey, there haven’t really been any issues with their age differences, or even the fact that Corey doesn’t have kids Corey fits right in with their family and Kris can understand why Kim would think Pete is the right one She looks at the similarities and as long as Kim is happy Kris is okay and she thinks that Pete is fantastic.”

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