Alabama Barker literally saw the love between Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian blossom. Which explains the important place that the reality TV star must have in the heart of the 15-year-old teenager. Moreover, this place, Alabama gave it a title during a session on Instagram Live with friends.

Indeed, Travis’s daughter had qualified her father’s girlfriend as his stepmother. A revelation made while the aspiring 15-year-old singer was playing the game of Never Have I Ever. Alabama was with 3 friends during the game. Each player must put two hands in the air and answer the basic questions by pointing a finger down if the answer is yes.

During the game, a follower asked if anyone had ever met a Kardashian. Alabama then pointed his finger down while replying “This is my mother-in-law.” Remember that the couple Travis and Kourtney made their relationship public last January. There are also rumors of marriage after the couple’s whirlwind trip to Sin City.

“People get married in Vegas”

It is the star’s favorite hairstylist, Glen Coco, who is at the root of these wedding rumors. He’s the one who shared several snaps from the Kravis couple’s romantic trip to Sin City. “Now I understand why people get married in Vegas. There is no such thing as love and a good time,” he wrote as the photo caption. Which left fans guessing at a wedding.

Moreover, Kourtney adds a layer on the plot by sharing similar photos on her account. “What’s going on in Vegas …” she followed with these photos.

Kourtney Kardashian © Instagram

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