Kourtney Kardashian trapped: she relays a conspiracy theory to her millions of followers

It is a message that does not get across at all. Very active on social networks, Kourtney Kardashian saw fit on October 31 to relay information concerning surgical masks which aim to protect against the coronavirus, by ensuring that some contain a substance, PTFE, which can cause cancer. Information that would have been relayed by the organization Cancer.org. Only downside: the latter ensures that it has never exposed such theories. And many doctors have protested against Kim Kardashian’s sister for sharing such false information to her 102 million Instagram followers.

“There is no evidence to support the claim that the presence of PTFE in a mask causes cancer,” says Dr. William Cance to the New York Post. “It’s one thing for a random person on social media to claim that masks cause cancer … it’s another for @kourtneykardash to do it in their Instagram Stories to over 100 million followers “, lamented Dr. Joshua Wolrich on Twitter. And he is not the only one to have denounced the message sent by Kourtney Kardashian, who did not apologize for this blunder.

It’s one thing for a random people on social media to claim that masks cause cancer … it’s another for @kourtneykardash to be doing so on her Instagram stories to> 100 million followers. UTTERLY FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE.

– Dr Joshua Wolrich (BSc MBBS MRCS) (@drjoshuawolrich) October 31, 2020

Kardashians-Jenner under fire for two anniversary parties

Besides the fact that she spread false information, thus urging her many subscribers not to wear masks, until then recognized as the only effective way to fight against the spread of Covid-19, Kourtney Kardashian has created another controversy: “The irony is that she made staff wear masks during her privileged party on the island”, pointed out a user. One more scandal for the Kardashian-Jenner family, already much criticized for the birthday parties of Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

not kourtney kardashian posting on her story about how masks can give you cancer. encouraging 100m + followers not to wear masks to protect them from COVID is a new low. the irony that she made staff wear masks at her privileged island party lol pic.twitter.com/pC41dsv3mH

– alex (@walkingbisexual) November 1, 2020
Kourtney Kardashian ©

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