Kourtney Kardashian: this low blow she plotted against her little sister Kendall Jenner

The Kardashians are known for their particularly lavish lifestyle. It is easy to understand the often exorbitant value of the gifts that the sisters offer each other. We think in particular of Kendall Jenner who had returned a very expensive birthday present from Hermès. Details of this scene between the two sisters, Kourtney and Kendall, are seen on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show. In the show, Kourtney Kardashian does not intend to let her little sister’s action pass.

In the latest trailer for the KUWTK show, 42-year-old Kourtney is seen sitting with her sisters tweaking her plan. In particular, they discuss the details before the big day. “Did you buy Kendall a present?” Kourtney had asked Kim and Khloe. “I did … something for the lake house,” Kim replies. “I started this Hermès porcelain collection last year for her birthday, so I bought her some cups of tea, a teapot and all the tea stuff,” says Kourtney.

“Kourtney was shocked to hear that Kendall didn’t like the freebies”

During the conversation, Kourtney also confided to her sisters: “And then for Christmas, I added some and I gave her all the serving dishes, so I thought I could add some and have some dishes. “. “So we called Hermes, and I asked, ‘Can you send me pictures of what I haven’t received yet?” They said, “I can absolutely do that, but she has returned everything you gave her, “she continued.

Kourtney was greatly shocked to know that Kendall didn’t like the presents. Still, she says she took time to choose each dish after careful consideration.

Kourtney Kardashian © Agency

Kourtney Kardashian © Agency
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