Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have had an intense history. In a relationship intermittently for almost ten years, they still ended their relationship in 2015. Currently, Kourtney’s fairy tale story is set with Travis Barker. Moreover, the couple is willingly preparing to get married. Something Scott Disick obviously can’t stand. Indeed, the father of Mason, Penelope and Reign finds the engagement of Kourtney with Travis “difficult”.

Recall that the star of KUWTK and Travis announced that they were engaged last October. Sad news for Scott who had in no way hidden his desire to want to be reconciled with Kourtney. It is therefore a particularly difficult time for him. “He’s doing the best he can, but it’s a very difficult time for him,” a source told People. “He’s looking for support right now,” according to the insider. Although the romance is no longer on the rendezvous between Scott and Kourtney, he has always been involved in the famous family. The source at People claims Scott turned to Kim Kardashian for help during this difficult time. “She’s been a good ear to [Scott] and she understands,” the source said.

Fans are speculating a lot about Scott Disick’s reaction

Despite Travis’s wonderful marriage proposal scene to Kourtney with the hundreds of red roses, fans have shown a lot of concern over Scott Disick’s reaction. Moreover, there is no lack of speculation. Many have suggested that Scott get a checkup while others go about it on jokes.

“Scott Disick is set to date another teenage girl after learning that Kourtney is engaged,” one fan wrote on social media. Recall that Scott had already given his blessing to the relationship between the reality star and the drummer of Blink-182 during the KUWTK reunion show last June.

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