An unbelievable scene. On April 26 in Lambayque, Peru, a 36-year-old woman woke up in her coffin as her relatives were preparing to bury her. Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca had been declared dead a few days earlier following a serious car accident. But in the middle of her funeral, the supposedly deceased started banging on the lid of her coffin. Stunned, her relatives opened it and discovered that she was still alive. “She opened her eyes, sweating,” says Juan Segundo Cajo, the cemetery caretaker. I rushed into my office and called the police.”

Immediately contacted, the emergency services found that Rosa was indeed still alive, although very weak. Transferred to Ferrenafe hospital, the young woman was placed on an artificial respirator. Her state of health temporarily improved, before she died – really – a few hours later.

An open investigation

An investigation has been opened and will have to determine whether or not the hospital staff acted negligently. Rosa’s family, upset, demands an explanation: “We want to understand why my niece woke up yesterday, when we were about to bury her, said the latter’s aunt to the Daily Mail. In a video, she pushes and touch the coffin.” According to the first elements, the nursing staff of the Ferrenafe hospital would have confused the deep coma in which Rosa was with a state of death. Note that the young woman’s brother-in-law, who was in the same car as her, also died in the accident. His three sons, seriously injured, are still hospitalized.

Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca © Pexels

Lara T.
Lara T.

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