Having become a father for the first time in February 2021, Kit Harington is swimming in happiness. This Thursday, August 12, the former interpreter of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones shared his joy on the set of Jimmy Fallon’s show, The Tonight Show, and referred to his six-month-old son with tenderness. “He is adorable. When I arrive in his room in the morning, he has a big smile! He seems to prefer his mother to me,” the actor said, referring to his wife, Rose Leslie. And to add, not without humor: “he loves Rose and respects her. Me, I’m only there to entertain him.”

The actor – who keeps his son’s first name a secret – then confided in his routine as a young father. A daily life that he approaches with derision to the delight of his baby. “I put him in his chair and he dances to the Beatles, he loves it,” Kit Harington developed. “I make exaggerated gestures to make him laugh. I do the ‘daddy dance’.” He did not hesitate to show what wood he heats up during his stint in Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, eliciting the cries of members of the public.

Kit Harington received a lot of “unnecessary” advice

And like all young parents, Kit Harington has not escaped the advice of those around him. “And they all turned out to be unnecessary,” he said. “Any parent will tell you. Everyone told me, this is going to be awesome. You are going to love it, it is a wonderful thing. ‘ Nobody tells you the basics at the start. ” Because the birth of her child is a scenario similar to that of the move in of a new roommate who does not always follow the rules. “Then you fall in love with him and you can’t dislodge him.” There he is.

Kit Harington © Agency

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