Kit Harington and Rose Leslie star Game of Thrones parents for the first time

A happy birth passed over in silence. On Tuesday February 16, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were seen walking hand in hand in London by Page Six magazine. And a small detail has not escaped anyone: instead of sporting a very rounded belly, it is a baby that the star actress of Game of Thrones was carrying. According to a representative of the couple, the two actors recently became parents for the first time to a little boy, whose date of birth and first name have not been released. And they are “very, very happy”.

Discreet about their private life, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie had announced to expect their first child by unveiling the rounded belly of the 34-year-old actress last September in the pages of Make magazine. “I am delighted to be pregnant and I can not wait to meet the new member of our family!”, She had rejoiced in the columns of the Post last October, while a few months earlier, it is Kit Harington who had confided his desire to become a father. “The most important job I have ever done is about to end. Well, not the most important. I hope I become a dad,” he told InStyle. A wish granted.

A wedding in front of the cast of Game of Thrones

It was on the set of the Game of Thrones series that Rose Leslie and Kit Harington met before they started dating in 2016. Very much in love, the couple got married on June 23, 2018 in Aberdeen, Scotland, in the family castle of the actress, and this in front of the full cast of the HBO series. A marriage, however, marked by the “personal problems” of the actor, who after the filming of Game of Thrones had made a “wellness retreat” to get off on the right foot after eight years in the skin of Jon Snow. A wise decision to embrace his now new role: that of father.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie © Chris Delmas

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie © Chris Delmas
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