And three for Kingsley Coman! After Leyana and Kaylee, born of his love affair with Sephora Goignan, the footballer again became a dad on June 18. It was in Sweden that his fiancée Sabrina gave birth to their first child, a childbirth he would not have missed for the world, he who made the trip from Budapest and skipped training to see his child born. Discreet about their private life, neither the sex of the baby nor his first name has been revealed. However, Sabrina Duvad was keen to share an astonishing coincidence on what will remain one of the happiest days of her life.

“Friends since birth”, wrote the young woman of 29 years in Instagram story on a photo of two babies, a boy and a girl. “My friend and I gave birth the same day, in two adjoining rooms, 1.5 hours apart. My baby was already early and she was due three weeks after me, to tell you how the odds [that the two women give birth the same day, editor’s note] were weak. She even gave birth before me, “said Sabrina Duvad.

Sabrina Duvad is a fulfilled mom

Tuesday, June 22, four days after giving birth, Sabrina Duvad wished to thank Internet users for their congratulatory messages by sharing a souvenir photo of her pregnancy shoot. The young woman poses in the simplest device, her hands on her baby bump with red flowers surrounding her and hiding her breast. “Thank you for all your messages” she commented in the caption before adding: “06/18 is the day when our little blessing decided to point the tip of his nose”. Something to delight its subscribers who once again took the opportunity to send tender messages to young parents.

Kingsley Coman and his fiancee Sabrina © Instagram

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