King of Norway admitted to hospital after injury

It is a blow to the royal family of Norway. At 83 years old, King Harald V of Norway, has encountered some small health problems in recent days. He was indeed hospitalized this Friday, January 29, following a painful injury to the tendon in his right knee. Result of the races: he had to be operated on this Saturday, January 30 and it is now several weeks of convalescence that are looming for the monarch. On Saturday afternoon the Court of Norway indicated that the operation had gone well and that the King seemed to have recovered rather well: “The operation of His Majesty the King at Rikshospitalet was a success, and the Roi is in great shape, ”we could read in a press release. For at least fifteen days, his majesty will not be able to perform his duties and will have to observe a period of rest certainly until next February 14, also informed the Court of Norway. In the meantime, Harald V will be able to count on his son, Crown Prince Haakon, who will ensure the regency, while his father is back on his feet.

Repeated hospitalizations for the King of Norway

This is not the first time that Sonja’s husband from Norway has found himself in such a situation. In recent months, Marthaa Louise’s father has spent a series of hospital stays for various health problems. In September he had been taken there urgently due to respiratory problems before finally going on sick leave for several days. Last October, he rebelled, this time to undergo aortic valve operation following his hospitalization in September. “The king’s aortic valve has been replaced by an artificial heart valve, in biological material” had informed the Royal Palace following this far from trivial intervention. In good hands, the king can count on the best doctors in the country. “This type of operation is performed several hundred times a year at the Rikshospitalet, and Norwegian surgeons are very experienced,” said the king’s doctor who was assisted by the greatest cardiovascular specialists. Either way, these numerous health alerts caused a lot of concern for the monarch who saw his royal agenda completely turned upside down.

King Harald of Norway © Dana Press

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