What if she was the one to replace her brother at the head of North Korea? While many rumors speculate on the state of health of Kim Jong-un, poor after a heart operation last spring, some believe that the next to become the “supreme leader” of the country will be her: Kim Yo-jong . Saturday, September 26, the discreet, but no less formidable little sister of the leader, celebrates her 32nd birthday.

If she has appeared more in recent years alongside Kim Jong-un, it is because in 2015 she was appointed head of the regime’s propaganda service, responsible for organizing the cult of the personality of her brother. . However, about her private life, little is known about “North Korea’s most powerful woman”. Since 2015, she has been married according to Le Figaro to Choe Song, a member of Division-39, a secret branch of the government responsible for finding funds for the regime and which would also serve to fuel Kim Jong-un’s personal slush fund. He is also known to be the son of Choe Ryong-hae, the influential general secretary of the Korean Labor Party, and is said to have a child with Kim Yo-jong.

Kim Jong – un “transfers his authority” to his sister

Kim Jong-un’s little sister has been gaining power for several months, while last August, the National Intelligence Service (NIS), which is South Korea’s spy agency, announced that the North Korean leader would “gradually transfer his authority”. Kim Jong-Un will notably delegate some of his powers to Kim Yo Jong, in order to “relieve his stress”. However, the NIS also specifies that the North Korean leader “will continue to exercise absolute power” in North Korea. “It is not a question of appointing a successor” added the South Korean spy agency.

Kim Yo-jong © ITAR TASS

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