Kim Kardashian’s divorce: this close friend who pushed her to make this decision

Kris Jenner is a protective mother. After the latest controversial statements from rapper Kanye West, she allegedly asked her daughter to “think of her first” and to file for divorce according to the Daily Mirror. Remember, after declaring himself a candidate for the US presidential election, Kanye West revealed during a campaign rally that Kim Kardashian had almost aborted their daughter North West.

Suffering from bipolar disorder, he also wrote in tweets (since deleted) that the reality TV star wanted him to be interned, that he was considering divorce, calling his wife a “white supremacist”. Kanye West later apologized “for making public what was in the private domain” adding: “I did not protect her as she always protected me. Kim, I want to tell you, I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me. ” But the damage was done.

Kris Jenner is tired of seeing her daughter suffer

Tired of seeing her daughter in pain, “Kris told Kim the situation couldn’t go on any longer, she thinks Kanye West is out of control and bad for the family,” The Sun reports. According to a source who spoke to the newspaper: “In the past six months, apart from the sessions with a marriage counselor, they have barely spent time as a married couple and they have made their own lives. side”. Kim “really wanted to help Kanye but their marriage fell apart when he insulted his mother and talked about the abortion. Kim hates the idea that North would ever read this,” the source concluded.

The couple are now said to have gone to war to fight over their $ 1.6 billion fortune.

Kim Kardashian © Backgrid

Kim Kardashian's divorce: this close friend who pushed her to make this decision
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