A protective mother. This Monday, December 26, Kim Kardashian was a guest in the Angie Martinez IRL podcast. And during the interview, the 42-year-old star notably mentioned her relationship with Kanye West, which she describes as “really shitty”. “Co-parenting is really hard,” she said. However, Kim Kardashian assures that she does not wish to openly criticize her ex-husband, in order to protect their four children. “If they don’t know what’s being said, why am I telling them? They’re not ready to deal with it,” she explained, adding, “When they are, we’ll have these conversations. One day my kids will thank me for not sitting here and bashing their dad.”

Kim Kardashian can then say to her children, “I really protected him”, “and I always will in the eyes of my children. For my children. So, at home, my children don’t know anything about what is going on in outside,” the influencer said during the interview. However, the latter did not hide that she could also go through very difficult times. “I’m hanging by a thread,” she acknowledged, “but as long as it always is, I’m going to protect this until the end and for as long as I can.”

Kim Kardashian: ‘I know what’s going on at recess and lunchtime’

Kim Kardashian also revealed that she has ears all over the place, which lets her know if any of her kids have heard things about their dad. “At school, some of my best friends are the teachers, so I know what’s going on at recess and at lunchtime. I hear what we’re talking about,” the influencer said, and from conclude with a moving confidence: “if we go to school and they want to listen to their father’s music – no matter what we are going through – I must have this smile on my face and blast his music and sing along with my children. I can pretend that nothing has happened and as soon as I drop them off, I can cry a lot.”

Kim Kardashian: why she refuses to speak ill of Kanye West in front of her four children

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