Kim Kardashian: who is Allison Statter, her best friend?

You can be one of the most famous women in the world, nothing prevents you from having long-standing friendships, far from show business. And Kim Kardashian proves it. For several years now, Kanye West’s wife has been working to develop her KKW Beauty cosmetics brand, with skincare and makeup. And for her new collection, she chose to collaborate with a very special person: Allison Statter. A name that if it does not speak to some, is very evocative for fans of Kim Kardashian, since it is her best friend. And this one is almost foreign to the rhinestones and sequins of celebrity.

“Forever” friends Kim Kardashian and Allison Statter met through their parents, since their fathers were close, Allison Statter being the daughter of businessman Irving Azoff, while their mothers are best friends. On her Instagram account, it is also not uncommon for the reality star to reveal souvenir snapshots of her appearing with her best friend, whom she officially presented in September 2019, when she launched her brand of sub – Skims clothing. “Some of you may not know Allison, she’s been my best friend since we were born, but Ashe hates the spotlight!” She said.

Two friends who have a career in common

Very discreet, Allison Statter is indeed far from leading the same life as Kim Kardashian. If she defines herself as “a mother and a wife” on her public Instagram account, she also has a private account, on which she undoubtedly shares many pictures of her family life, and in particular of her three sons, when the Kanye West’s wife has no secrets from her fans. But if in terms of discretion the two friends are different, they have one thing in common when it comes to their career since they are both entrepreneurs.

While Kim Kardashian has launched several brands, Allison Statter is the co-founder of Blended Strategy Group, a marketing, public relations and branding agency for brands, celebrities and influencers. Careers that have surely brought the two friends closer together, who have not left each other since childhood. “I’ve grown up with Kim my whole life. Kim is basically family to me… Growing up, we went on vacation together, we went to school together, and we’re as close as sisters without having really the same blood in our veins, “Allison Statter told Instagram.

Kim Kardashian and her best friend Allison Statter © Instagram

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