Kim Kardashian: what cosmetic surgeries has she done?

The Kim Kardashian we knew before, when she hung out with her BFF of the moment Paris Hilton and skimmed the nightclubs in Los Angeles, has changed a lot. It was the Kim K era “sextape”! However, despite the photos and the glaring evidence, she never wanted to admit having had recourse to cosmetic surgery … For her lips which have doubled in size, for her cheekbones which are more protruding, for her nose which is more end and concerning her XXL buttocks: it’s radio silence! The one who is currently in the process of divorce with the father of her four children refuses to assume, but still has her buttocks insured for $ 21 million.

In 2012, and while Kim Kardashian was questioned on the number of her operations by In Style magazine, she was even offended: “It’s crazy that people think my butt has been remade. Buy yourself a life! ” However, according to many surgeons, Kris Jenner’s daughter would have had recourse to lipofilling or brazilian butt lift (which consists of taking fat from a part of the body to reinject it into the buttocks) to obtain her disproportionate buttocks. . The only certainty? She did not have any implants fitted. In 2007, she published an image of her buttocks, X-rayed to silence the controversy.

Did Kim Kardashian Have Surgery After Pregnancy?

If you are a mom and struggling to find your old body, you have surely wondered how Kim Kardashian did to find a body of a goddess after her pregnancies? The sport ? Food? Yes, but not only! The mother of North, Saint, Psalm and Chicago would have resorted to “Mommy makeover”: a scalpel package very popular in the country of Uncle Biden and intended to help mothers find their plastic after pregnancy. Cost of the operation? 10,000 euros. The goal ? Firm the patient’s breasts, perform an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the thighs or hips at the same time!


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