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Kim Kardashian traumatized: this premonitory conversation before her violent robbery in Paris

This is the most searched event on Google in 2017 … On October 3, 2016, Kim Kardashian was burgled and held captive in her suite during her stay at the Pourtalès hotel in Paris. Almost four years after the drama, the star confided in an interview with David Letterman on his show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. The founder of KKW Beauty first explained that she took all of her jewelry to Paris Fashion Week, which she had “never done before.” Hours before the flight, the star had lunch with friends. She recalls, “We had lunch that day and we said, ‘If you got robbed, what would you do? Would you just give them things?’ Why we had this conversation, it was so crazy. I said, ‘I would say take it all, take it all, nothing matters.’ ”

Later that night, while Kourtney Kardashian was out clubbing, Kanye West’s wife remained calm in their suite. At around 3 a.m., the star heard someone walking up the stairs and thought it was her sister and her friend coming home from the club. When she realized it wasn’t them, she felt panic wash over her. While she failed to call the police, not knowing the correct phone number, she explained that the thieves, dressed as “policemen wearing masks” entered her room and took her phone. ask him for his ring. After giving them the property, Kim Kardashian was then grabbed by a man. Crying, the star revealed to the host that she believed she was about to be assaulted: “I was like, ‘Okay, this is the time when I’m going to get raped. Okay. , okay, it’s going to happen, just get ready. ‘ So I did it and then – I don’t know why I cried, I already talked about it – and then he tied me up with handcuffs and zip ties, then duct tape and duct tape on my mouth and my eyes. ”

“I am very strong mentally”

Recalling the facts, Kim Kardashian explained that she feared she would be killed after a gun was pointed at her and that she worried about how it would affect her sister: “I kept thinking to Kourtney, I kept thinking, I was like, she’s going to come home and I’m going to be dead in the room and she’ll be traumatized for the rest of her life. ” The mother-of-four concluded by revealing that she had been “really paranoid” for about a year after the ordeal, explaining that she only slept with “half a dozen” security guards outside her house. . That his fans are reassured, the star is much better. In closing, she revealed, “Aside from the fact that I cried, I’m fine. Really! I remember calling all my sisters from the car, we were on a conference call. I told them, ‘Les girls thank goodness that was me i’m very strong mentally and it would have ruined your life for the rest of your life. ” ‘

Kim Kardashian West © © Image Press / KCS PRESSE

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