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Kim Kardashian: this vintage shot with her father on which she is unrecognizable

Little flashback for Kim Kardashian this Friday, December 3. Indeed, Kanye West’s wife shared a vintage photo on which we can see her with her father and sister. If Robert and Kourtney Kardashian are very recognizable, Internet users did not hesitate to be very sarcastic in the comments. Indeed, for many of them, Kim Kardashian is “unrecognizable”. One subscriber commented “my god Kim … are you exactly the same” to which two others replied “are you blind?” Visibly showing sarcasm, they didn’t hesitate to explain to the 40-year-old businesswoman that she has “changed a lot” over the years. Others preferred to focus on the details and laughed a lot at her little butterfly barrettes that she wears in her hair, most certainly in fashion at the time of the photo or even her purple makeup. And for the rest of them, it was her very thin eyebrows that caught their attention. If Kim Kardashian just wanted to share her nostalgia with her fans, it looks like they didn’t hesitate for a second before giving her their thoughts on her.

Family jokes

For several days, Kim Kardashian and her family have been having fun calling her contacts on FaceTime and then posting the videos on her Instagram account, to the delight of her subscribers. Among the victims, Jaden Smith, Jennifer Lawrence, Travis Scott and Justin Bieber. In the different sequences, we can see her sitting next to her mother and her sisters. When the interlocutor answers, they all stay still, leaving the other person doubtful and wondering if it is a video or a simple photo. A little joke that makes Internet users laugh a lot, each time wondering why they cannot be among the victims.

Kim Kardashian © Instagram

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