Kim Kardashian: this sacred Hindu symbol that she had used as an accessory

Stars who are criticized for the accessories they wear are commonplace. Moreover, we often hear the story of American stars who have inadvertently injured certain races or certain religions. Kim Kardashian entered this table and came under heavy criticism from her followers. Recently, the reality star had worn earrings with the Hindu symbol “Om”. A choice that did not go unnoticed by these fans. The latter did not fail to signal to the star. Of course, the critics have flared following this choice of the star.

In the photos shared by Kim, the sacred Hindu symbol can be seen very clearly on her earrings. Recall that the new billionaire Kim Kardashian has many fans scattered around the world. It is therefore quite normal that some people know this symbol and its meaning. They then appeared in commentary. We can read in particular criticisms against Kim Kardashian to wear a symbol of which she does not know the meaning.

“Om is a sacred Hindu symbol and not just an accessory”

Many fans have commented to criticize this choice of Kim Kardashian. On Kim’s profile, we can read comments like “Is this a good time to mention that Om is a sacred Hindu symbol and not just an accessory?”, “Hinduism is not an aesthetic” or even “Notice Kim Kardashian that you use our culture in a disrespectful way. And when you wear something, study it before you wear it.”

Rihanna has also been in this position. Not so long ago, she was seen wearing a necklace bearing the likeness of the Hindu Lord Ganesh. In addition, she had posed topless with this necklace. Which made many people angry.

Kim Kardashian © Agency

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