She was unrecognizable. The Met Gala ceremony was held in New York on Monday, September 13. For the occasion, many celebrities were present, including Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star put her bags down on September 11, two days before, and she made a very noticeable arrival. As reported by People media outlet, as she got out of her vehicle in front of her hotel, she appeared in a black leather ensemble. She was dressed in a trench coat with boots, gloves and a mask that completely covered her face. Both matched the jacket. The entire outfit is signed Balenciaga. A choice that was quickly commented on by Internet users since many compared it to sadomasochism. However, Kim Kardashian was delighted with this outfit and she wanted to let her followers know. So she shared a photo on her Instagram account and opted for a knife-shaped emoji in the caption. In addition, his look is reminiscent of Kanye West during the listening session of his new album, entitled Donda on August 26th. It seems that the young woman has not finished surprising.

An outfit that makes people talk. Kim Kardashian fans have been eagerly awaiting her walk the Met Gala red carpet on September 13. However, they were very surprised and not in a good way. Indeed, the reality TV star had opted for a black outfit signed Balenciaga which completely hid her body … but also her face. Thus, she was completely unrecognizable and it was also impossible to know if it was really her. The only indication? His closeness to Kendall Jenner since the two women exchanged during the ceremony and also posed together on the red carpet. On her Instagram account, she quickly gave more details about her choice: “What’s more American than a T-shirt from head to toe?” She asked. As a reminder, this year’s theme was America: A Fashion Lexicon. If this choice was not unanimous, BryanBoy, an influencer of social networks, validated it: “The extreme and the simplicity. A black t-shirt, a shroud and a train. The power to be made knowing while disguising oneself. Genius. Pure genius, “he wrote.

Kim Kardashian: does she want more children?

Kim Kardashian is a public figure who is getting a lot of attention. If his last appearances have been the center of attention, his private life is also very much commented on. Guest of the Ellen DeGeneres show this Wednesday, September 15, Kim Kardashian made some confidences about her children. While talking about Kylie Jenner’s second pregnancy, the young woman said she did not want to have more children: “It’s over! I have a lot of children, I don’t want more “. As a reminder, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have four children: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

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