Fans remember the many rumors that Kim might find a replacement for Kanye West. Unfortunately, almost all of these rumors have been unfounded. Only, Us Weekly finally announces something concrete in this direction. This is a possible relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. The media announces, moreover, that the couple-surprise has its chances to have a romantic future.

A source told the outlet that Kim Kardashian would genuinely fall for Davidson. Besides, she would have already spent several nights out with him last week of November 6. “He makes her feel good, and she can’t wait to see what will happen,” the source adds to Us Weekly. Also, the relatives of the reality TV star would be in favor of this relationship. “They can’t wait for Kim to have fun and be free in the midst of her ongoing divorce from Kanye West,” the source said.

“Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson like each other …”

Another source close to Kim also corroborated the facts to Us Weekly regarding Kim and Pete’s relationship. “Kardashian is single and having fun right now, but things could get romantic between them,” the source told Us. TMZ also reported outbursts of affection between the two in New York City.

Which completely belies the rumors that they are only friends. “Kim and Pete like each other,” a third source told Entertainment Tonight. “They’re trying to play the fact that they’re just friends, but it’s a little more than that right now. They’re having a lot of fun together. Pete makes Kim laugh and makes her feel special. Pete is obviously thrilled and has a big crush on Kim, ”the source adds.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson © Backgrid UK

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