Kim Kardashian: star posts touching message on late father’s birthday

“I celebrate you every day but today even more”. On Monday February 22, Kim Kardashian paid a beautiful tribute to her father Robert Kardashian on the occasion of what would have been his 77th birthday. Disappeared in 2003, the famous lawyer is regularly celebrated by his children, in particular by his second daughter, who had notably received for her 40th birthday a hologram of her late father from her ex-husband, Kanye West. But this time, it is with an adorable souvenir of her siblings that she paid tribute to him, by sending him a tender message.

“Happy Birthday Dad! […] So many things to tell you! I called your cell phone number wondering if someone was going to answer after all these years”, she wrote, admitting that ‘she “can’t believe” that she still remembers that number. “Come and visit me in a dream soon. Can you also send a sign in the form of those symbols / birds that we have always talked about?!?!” She asked, before concluding with a “you I miss it so much! “.

Kim Kardashian has officially filed for divorce

A somewhat special birthday for Kim Kardashian who is currently in the midst of a divorce after 7 years of marriage with Kanye West. After several months of therapy to try to save her marriage, the reality TV star has finally decided to officially file for divorce. An amicable separation for the two ex-spouses, who agreed on shared custody of their four children. And if for the moment they are far from being torn apart, this divorce would not be easy for the rapper, who feels “anxious and very sad” in the face of this visibly irreversible situation. It remains to be seen if Kim Kardashian will take Vitaa’s advice for her next post-Kanye love story …

Robert Kardashian and his children © Instagram

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