This Friday morning, Kim Kardashian fans were spoiled. Indeed, the reality TV star shared hot photos of her in a bikini that did not fail to cause a sensation. We see Kim, 40, showing off her gorgeous body in a tiny purple 2 piece. Photos that were taken during a getaway to Palm Springs. This series of pictures dedicated to his fans highlights his abdominals as well as his magnificent legs. The curvatures of her legs being well highlighted in her string bikini.

In the first photo, we see Kim posed as a sign of peace on a green lawn with the mountains as a background. Another photo shows her pulling on her ponytail while crossing her legs. The third photo shows her walking on the lawn where all the attention is paid to her sublimely slender waist.

“Kanye West helps him restore his image”

“Hello (sun emoji) Palm Springs (palm tree emoji),” she captioned the photos. On the other side of the board, we learn that Kanye West, her ex-husband, is helping Kim improve the image of her makeup company KKW Beauty. Kanye is helping Kim find a new name for her makeup brand, according to a source on Page Six last Thursday. A name that has not yet been found.

The source also claims that this new direction for the business has nothing to do with her divorce. Kim Kardashian has been on it for a while now. This decision is therefore not motivated by the abandonment of W in KKW.

Kim Kardashian © Instagram

Lara T.
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