Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie … These stars who have a reputation for being addicted to sex

Some stars are literally obsessed with sex and shout their love for trifle loud and clear. Kim Kardashian for example, has repeatedly boasted, without shame, of her sexual prowess with her husband Kanye West. The 40-year-old star is not afraid to reveal his intimacy, even going so far as to declare in an interview that he has already made love 500 times in one day! North’s mom later revealed she was doing this to get pregnant. Obviously, the method did not work and his doctors even advised him to calm down. Kim Kardashian could not help but express her frustration: “I will now just do what I want, such as becoming platinum. Hopefully, I will get pregnant in doing all the wrong things. I’m going to completely change my tactics, “she told E magazine! in 2015.

Other personalities like Pamela Anderson and Rihanna share the same demands in bed. Both women enjoy sex but only with very talented men in bed. “What am I going to do, just randomly pick up the first cute guy for a night … I can’t do this to myself,” the singer told Vanity Fair magazine in 2015. Ben Affleck and Tiger Woods, as to them, have the reputation of being unequaled petticoats. The first has already been hospitalized for Viagra abuse while the second has had more than 40 different mistresses! Other stars like Mel B or Jada Pinkett Smith (to find in the slideshow) do not hide their sexual appetite.

Angelina Jolie: her pregnancy was very intensive

At the time of their marriage, nothing stopped the duo Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! Angelina Jolie even revealed to have cracked several times during her pregnancy: “Pregnancy is great for sex life. It forces you to be more imaginative and it gives more pleasure”. “My doctor advised me to calm down because I was very tired at the end of the pregnancy, but I went beyond,” she told Public magazine in 2012. What is certain is that the couple does not lack endurance!

Kim Kardashian © Backgrid USA

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