Hilarious words! Dressed in a pink ensemble, Kim Kardashian made her debut as the host of Saturday Night Live on Saturday October 9, 2021. Referring to her sex tape, which aired in 2002, the pretty brunette exclaimed: “When they asked me to participate, I was taken aback. I haven’t had a new movie in a very long time! In fact, I only released one movie and no one told me it was coming out . My mother must have forgotten to tell me. ” With humor, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said, “I am delighted to be here tonight to show you that I am much more than a pretty face, beautiful hair, beautiful makeup, amazing breasts and perfect butt. Basically I’m so much more than that reference photo my sisters showed their plastic surgeons. “

With a fortune estimated at over a billion dollars, Kim Kardashian threw a spade at her mother’s companion, exclaiming: “The only thing I’m really proud of is that no one will be able to never call me a michto. Honestly, I don’t even know how to be one. So I asked my mom’s boyfriend Corey. ” The star has also not spared Kanye West’s presidential campaign and the candidacy of his stepfather Caitlyn Jenner for governor of California: “Now I know we are divided as a country, but I wish that America is coming together, that’s why I’m here to announce I’m running … Just kidding, guys! I’m not running for President. We can’t have three failed politicians in one family. “

Kim Kardashian West’s Monologue! pic.twitter.com/t60b6ZC6cl

– Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) October 10, 2021

Kim Kardashian cash on split with Kanye West

During her monologue, the mother of four did not fail to mention her mediated breakup with Kanye West. “I’ve been so blessed in this life, and I’m grateful for everything, honestly, all the ups, all the downs. I mean, I married the best rapper ever. is the richest black man in America, a talented and legitimate genius, who gave me four amazing children, ”she said, before adding:“ So when I got divorced you must know that it boiled down to one thing: his personality. I know that sounds mean, but people keep telling me that comedy comes from the truth. And if there’s one thing that I do. ‘strive to be is genuine. “

Kim Kardashian © NBC

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