She is sick of it. In January 2021, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West surprised Internet users by announcing their intention to end their marriage. Both have remained close for their children and, on many occasions, their fans thought they were going to get back together. However, this was not the case. For his part, the rapper seems determined to attract the attention of his ex-wife for several weeks. On social networks, he chained the publications to him and also revealed their private conversations. An initiative very noticed by Internet users but also the main one concerned. Thus, as reported by the Daily Mail this Saturday, February 19, she made the decision to unsubscribe from the rapper’s Instagram account. Kim Kardashian was followed by her sisters, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie, who also unsubscribed, in solidarity. For her part, their mother, Kris Jenner, did not wish to do so. Quickly, Kanye West apologized to the mother of his children and Pete Davidson, his new companion. He had notably declared that he “took responsibility for having harassed her” and had deleted all the publications. Could this be the end of a war?

He was decided. Since he is separated from Kim Kardashian, the rapper does not seem to want to stop there. While he had found love in the arms of Julia Fox, this relationship is now over and Kanye West is trying to win back his ex-wife. For Valentine’s Day, he had a very special attention. As reported by Page Six, he had a truckload of flowers delivered to Kourtney Kardashian’s sister. A gesture that could have been harmless if the couple had not separated. In images shared by TMZ, the vehicle in question could be seen filled with bouquets of red flowers. On it there was an inscription that says a lot. “My vision is krystal klear” (Editor’s note: “My vision is clear”), could we read. However, a detail was quickly noticed by Internet users … the use of the letter K on two words that normally start with a C. Indeed, these correspond to the initials of Kim Kardashian and the rapper also had it shared on his Instagram account. Very special attention.

Kanye West: who has he recently attacked on social networks?

Kanye West’s apology didn’t last long as the rapper lashed out at Corey Gamble, who shares Kris Jenner’s life. According to him, the two would no longer be together and he made it known on his Instagram account. A post deleted since but which was very noticed by Page Six. “God planned to take this godless out of Corey, who we didn’t need here anyway. I think he’s a nice person, but not a good person,” he first wrote before posting. adding, “He’s a nice person who used to hover around Puff’s family and then Justin Bieber’s then when Kris got divorced he snuck out.” Words that have not gone unnoticed and will certainly make the main concerned react.

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