At first glance, impossible to guess who is under this breathtaking outfit. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has opted for an outfit for the less quirky. The KUWTK star donned a black fabric that completely covers her from head to toe. Kim’s outfit is not just black fabric, it does include a sort of black tunic with bell sleeves. One can perfectly distinguish the stiletto heels hidden in the black leggings composing the outfit.

Finally, it is impossible not to notice the long black train that sweeps the floor of the museum. As with all of her appearances at previous Met Gala events, the star has once again drawn attention to herself. To take her outfit to a whole new level, the star let out a very long Chris Appleton ponytail from her hood, estimated to be worth around $ 10,000.

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look: A New Halloween Reference

Having managed to create a huge buzz, the outfit Kim wore at the Met Gala is currently being offered in stores as a costume for Halloween. Only this version is not exactly the same as Kim Kardashian’s. According to Crumpe, “Kim’s outfit was made of a cotton t-shirt and completely covered her entire body, without an inch of skin on display.” Plus, the Halloween version of this outfit from Kim doesn’t include the 10 inch ponytail.

Kim Kardashian © STARMAX

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