Rapper Ray J is currently hospitalized with pneumonia. Kim Kardashian’s ex was admitted to the Covid department despite 5 negative screening tests. The rapper’s manager, David Weintraub, has revealed he has difficulty breathing. “Ray J is frustrated because he was sent to a Covid ward for treatment, although the virus tests have been negative five times,” he told TMZ. At first, the star was sent to the Covid service because of her difficulty in breathing. He was transferred directly out of the wing 2 days later after testing negative. He is now on oxygen.

Ray J asked his fans to pray for him during this ordeal. He also confides that his only goal at the moment is to get better for the sake of his children. This is a real test for him. He says his condition is quite unstable. When he thinks that his condition is improving, because he is feeling well at 6 a.m., 6:30 a.m., he has trouble breathing again. Which makes him think of the worst. “I thought it was over. I started praying and I knew God was good, so I kept praying,” he explained on the internet.

Ray J, forced withdrawal because of his toothache

Recall that Ray J’s team sued the producers of CBB ‘Channel 5 for breach of contract. Indeed, the rapper left the show in 2017 just a week after entering the famous house. The reason being terrible toothache. Ray’s manager said at the time that the rapper complained so much that they had to stop filming. This until he gets medical help.

A dentist then gave Ray 4 painkillers and 4 more the next day. Only the pain never eased. Which forced him to go to the hospital. There follows the problem with the chain which would have forbidden Ray J to return to the house after his treatment. “We have decided to sue because they are taking a position which violates the contract we have accepted,” David told Mail Online before continuing with “They say that because of health problems, which n ‘don’t exist with Ray that’s why they pulled the plug, which is total nonsense. ”

Kim Kardashian © Backgrid USA

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