Kim Kardashian: Did she really try to import a stolen ancient Roman sculpture?

A shipment worth $ 750,000 in Kim Kardashian’s name was subject to seizure by customs officials. It contained in particular an ancient Roman statue which was looted and illegally sent from Italy. This statue named Myron’s Athena dates from the first century and shows the lower half of a woman. Imported to Los Angeles in 2016, the seizure happened as the couple, Kim and Kanye, were renovating their home in Calabasas. Last week, a civil forfeiture request was filed by the US government in a Los Angeles court.

Moreover, Axel Vervoordt is also named in court documents. This is the famous Belgian interior designer who is also an antique dealer and art dealer. Kim Kardashian’s spokesperson spoke to the Daily Mail on the subject. The star is said to have had no knowledge that the statue was imported in his name.

“The interests of Axel Vervoordt may affect this procedure”

Kim Kardashian spokesperson talks about a possible purchase without permission. According to him, the transaction could have been made in his name without his approval since the statue was never received. The Kardashians are encouraging an investigation in this direction as well as the return of the statue to its rightful owners.

With regard to court documents, several names of people and companies are mentioned there. To this, there is that of Alex Vervoordt, Noel Roberts Trust and Kim Kardashian. Noel Roberts Trust is the firm Kim and Kanye used to buy their home in 2014.

Kim Kardashian © Agency

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