Kanye West, ex-husband of reality star Kim Kardashian, 44, isn’t done with her yet. The 44-year-old rapper has found another motive to accuse his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. The author of Donda repeats the same refrain that his ex-wife prevents him from seeing his children. On March 14, 2022, Kanye West, aka Ye, posted on his Instagram account a photo of a backpack belonging to North West, his 8-year-old daughter. On the bag are attached three pins representing his face, that of Kim Kardashian, and that of an alien. “It was on my daughter’s backpack when I was ‘allowed’ to see her last week,” he said, commenting on the photo, adding, “That’s why I give me so much trouble for my family, I’m ready to do anything to protect my family at all costs. As a man of my house, don’t worry Northy, God still lives.”

The ambiguity of Kanye West’s post that suggests he’s not being allowed to see his children elicited an almost immediate reaction from Kim Kardashian. The mother of North, Chicago, Saint and Psalm is tired of remaining silent in the face of the attacks of her ex-husband who does everything to denigrate her in the eyes of all on social networks. Kim Kardashian wrote, “Please stop this fake story, you were there this morning picking up the kids from school.”

Kim Kardashian’s ex attacks Us Weekly magazine

American rap star Kanye West wants so badly to show that he cares about his children, but his ex-wife stands in his way. On another Instagram post, the rapper attacked Us Weekly magazine. “Us Weekly, my kids weren’t allowed to come to Sunday service. This is the fifth time she’s done this trying to smother me. What’s wrong with you , godless? She says I took my kids to school and y’all forget she didn’t let my kids come to church?” the post read.

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