Kim Kardashian: beautiful sexy photos to reward her followers

Kim Kardashian had the great idea to pose for two photos in a very hot thong bikini. From the top of his 40 years, the star still wears this singular asset which fans shy away from. On Instagram, their number reached 225 million. This makes Kim the seventh most followed personality on this social network after a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner his sister.

Generous in nature, the star rewards her followers by showing off in two particularly hot photos in bikini thongs. She shows her gratitude by captioning “225 MIL LOVE U FOR LIFE”. “I wish we weren’t focusing on my butt all the time!” She said in the Vogue video interview. With these last two photos, the lens is deliberately centered on her hips and on the posterior, impossible to focus on anything else.

“She is comfortable and confident showing off her curves”

Comfortably seated on the cushion of a deckchair by the pool, Kim Kardashian reveals her beautiful curves and her lightly tanned skin in one of her most famous poses: a belfie. She wears a black string bikini that lets her beautiful round buttocks overflow perfectly lit under a clear and sunny sky.

The other pic is equally sexy, “she threw her arm over her head and stared at the sky while showing a hint of butt in the bottom of her thong bikini.” The photo is this time taken in profile, revealing in addition to her buttocks, her hips as well as her generous breasts well wrapped in her bikini. She exposes her face to the sun peacefully with her eyes closed.

Kim Kardashian © Instagram

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