Released on December 13, the film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has not stopped talking about him. Moreover, many rumors were already circulating long before the film’s release. Rumors that have fueled the curiosity of all fans. Which went a long way in favor of the film during its release. Unsurprisingly, Kim Kardashian is among those who saw the film recently. Only, she revealed information about the latter. Which inevitably generated negative reactions from Marvel fans.

The reality TV star, 41, would have seen the film during his Monday night home theater according to Page Six. Surely out of habit, she shared this experience by sharing pictures from the film on her Instagram Story. A glaring spoil since a lot of important information had been shared on these pictures. The latter answered the question of the presence or not of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in the film.

Kim Kardashian, the star received a lot of negative comments

Suffice to say, the fans did not at all appreciate this gesture of the ex-wife of Kanye West. Moreover, many comments going against him quickly came in response to his gesture. “I’ve muted everything Spider-Man on all of my social media to avoid spoilers since I’m watching him tomorrow,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “I’m not even Kim Kardashian and by the time I make up my mind to check out her stories on Instagram, she’s literally posting THE full spider-man spoiler,” adds another. “I have never hated anyone so much”, and yet another.

According to Page Six, the KUWTK star quickly removed her spoilers from her account once she realized her mistake. Only, for some people, the damage had already been done.

Kim Kardashian © Backgrid USA

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