On Saturday Night Live on Saturday night, Kim Kardashian particularly captivated the audience during a monologue full of honesty and humor. In the introduction, the star of KUWTK looks back on his own past and the excesses of his family in a relaxed manner. The 40-year-old star makes the audience laugh by talking about her sultry sex tape from 2002. On that note, Kim joked “… I only got that one movie that came out and nobody told me. that he was in first “.

In the same vein, Kim also referred to O.J. Simpson with humor. “I know it’s a little weird remembering the first black person you met, but OJ leaves a mark – or several – or none. I still don’t know!” . Particularly at ease, the 40-year-old star also joked about her cosmetic surgeries and those of her entire clan. The biggest laughs rang out when Kim said, “In fact, I’m so much more than the reference photo my sisters showed their cosmetic surgeons.”

Kim left Kanye West, the father of her children, because of his personality

Before making fun of her presidential candidacy, Kim Kardashian honestly reveals the real reason for her divorce. In front of the SNL audience, Kim announced “I married the best rapper ever.” “Not just that – he’s the richest black man in America,” she clarified. She finally announced: “So when I got divorced, you must know that it was played on one thing: her personality.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West © STARMAX

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